Mission Statement

The mission of the Trinity High School Endowment Fund is to provide Trinity High School with self-sustaining financial resources, capable of supporting Trinity into the future. The fund is a means for alumni, students’ families and friends, the community, and companies to support Trinity through their generous donations. The income and profits shall be used for the furtherance of the religious education of high school students at Trinity while enhancing the mission of this faith community.


Endowment Fund History

In 1988, the Trinity High School Board recognized the importance of the long term financial security of the school. It laid the groundwork for the fund. Since then, the fund has grown to over $845 thousand. In the last 20 years, the fund has contributed over $300,000 toward THS operating costs, including $25,000 in 2021 alone!



Committee Information

The members of the Endowment Fund Committee are appointed by the Trinity High School Board based on a variety of factors, such as financial background and experience. Members of the Committee are appointed to three-year terms. If you or someone you know may be interested in joining the committee in the future, please make that interest known to the school board.


How Is My Donation Invested?

All assets donated to the Endowment Fund are positioned by the Committee into various equities and fixed income investments as determined by the current financial climate. The Fund targets a balanced investment portfolio of 50% stocks and 50% bonds or other fixed interest investments, such as CDs.


How Does My Donation Support Trinity?

Only income and profits earned off of the investments such as interest and dividends are distributed to the school to assist with operating expenses. This is different than a traditional donation that directly enters the operating budget in the short term. Both long term (invested) and short term (immediate) donations are extremely beneficial and important to the school. It should be stressed that any income and profits earned are given to Trinity High School only and not to other community funds. At the very least, these profits are distributed annually. This allows for your donation to continually help the school for years.


How Can I Donate?

Make all checks payable to Trinity High School Endowment Fund. It is important to make this distinction to ensure your donation is being distributed to the correct fund.


  • Mail to Trinity High School
  • Drop in the collection basket at St. Mary of the Woods Catholic Church
  • Donate online at www. trinityhs.com/endowment


Memorial & Honorary Gifts

Individual donations are not the only way to contribute to the endowment fund. Here are a few other ways to get involved in donating:

  • Anniversaries and Birthdays: Consider donating on behalf of a loved one’s birthday or wedding anniversary; ask for donations to the fund for your own birthday or anniversary in lieu of gifts.
  • Memorial Gifts: Many families request donations to special organizations in lieu of flowers as a bereavement gift. Make the Trinity High School Endowment Fund your family’s choice.


Endowment Fund Members

  • Christina Howard – Co Chair
  • Nick Fulkerson – Co Chair
  •  Timmy Aud
  • Donnie Howard
  • Karissa Morris
  • Donnie Smith


For More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the Trinity High School Endowment Fund, please contact the advancement office at (270) 233-5533.